Nova Renewables are specialists in all types of renewable technologies including the design and installation of small scale wind turbines, 1Kw - 50Kw

Wind turbines harness wind power and use it to generate electricity. As the UK is situated on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, nearly half of the wind energy in Europe blows right over the UK. This makes it ideal for domestic turbine systems, in the right area turbines can easily generate more power during the day and night than your lights and electrical appliances actually use.

In England a small scale domestic wind turbine could be classified as Permitted Development, in which case planning permission will not be needed. Nova can contact your local planning office to check whether planning is required.

In England from 1st December 2011, wind turbines mounted on domestic buildings will be considered Permitted Development provided they meet certain criteria*

Additional criteria apply if the turbine is in a conservation are, World Heritage Site or similar. The lists below are not comprehensive.

Read the full legislation here

Either contact Nova Renewables or your local planning office for guidance.

*For building-mounted turbines, the criteria can include:
  • Is the house detached?
  • Are the top of the turbine blades no more than three metres above the top of the house, or 15 metres above the ground?
  • Is the turbine at least five metres from the edge of the householder's property?
For pole-mounted turbines, the criteria can include:
  • Is the top of the turbine no more than 11.1 metres above ground?
  • Is the turbine at least 1.1 times the height of the turbine away from the edge of the householder's property?
And for both types of turbine:
  • Are there any other wind turbines or other air source heat pumps on-site?
  • Are the bottom of the blades at least five metres above ground?
  • Turbine's swept area is no more than 3.8 m2?