Every hour the Earth receives more power from the sun than the world needs in a whole year

Solar PV (Photovoltaic) technology allows you to covert this clean energy from sunlight into electricity - simple!

Nova renewables are specialists in the design and installation of solar PV systems

At Nova we can design a high efficiency solar PV system for your home, business, school or collage

We can show you how to get a fantastic return from your initial investment via the Government funded Feed In Tariff or "FIT" plus generate an estimated 50% of your own electricity requirements whilst doing your bit for the environment and help combat global warming

Solar PV systems can be installed on any pitched or flat roof with an aspect facing East, South or West

Nova can design and install any size solar system from a modest domestic 4-6-panel array producing 1Kw up to much larger 50+ commercial panel systems capable of producing in excess of 50Kw

Call us now and a specialist solar adviser can pop by and have an informal chat to see if solar is right for you and your property, see how you can benefit from the free energy produced by the sun every single day of the year.
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