Panel Technology
Poly crystalline panels

Poly crystalline panels usually have a “blue” appearance to the cell and are considered to be the traditional type of “silver frame” solar panel. They give excellent yields and are generally considered to be better value for money than the equivalent “Black Mono crystalline” panel, hence they are usually considered for commercial projects.
Mono crystalline panels

Mono crystalline panels usually have a “black” appearance to the cell and are usually mounted onto a “black” back sheet giving the panel an overall black glass look. They also give excellent yields and are generally considered to have a better aesthetic appearance on a domestic roof, especially if you are considering panels on the front of your property, hence they are usually considered for most domestic installations now. They are slightly more expensive than their “Poly” equivalents but the quantities used on a domestic installation are much less than the 100’s of panels on a commercial project so this is normally not an issue within the overall cost.
High Power Panels

High Power Panels are fast becoming a popular choice. Traditionally PV panels have an output of 250w per panel, therefore if you require a 4kW system then you need 16 panels, 12 panels = 3kW and so on.
In the last year or so manufacturers like LG Electronics, Panasonic and Hyundai heavy Industries have pushed panel technology forward and now can offer much more power, 270, 280w & 300w from the same physical size of panel, or you can achieve 250 -275w from a physically smaller panel, like the excellent brand new 54 cell Hyundai PERL series at only 1480mm long. Ideal if you want a smaller array or you don’t have a large roof area which is very common in the UK.
Stealth or inset Systems

Stealth or inset Systems use actual solar panels instead of roof tiles which is ideal for a new build house (see gallery pics) or you require an inset system that is flush with your roof tiles. Nova have considerable experience with all types of panels on every type of roof available, from 200 year old clay “peg tiles” right up to new modern concrete tiles, Nova have a system for every roof type on the market.
Roof Mounting

Roof Mounting can differ depending on your roof type & Nova Renewables have a vast experience of both pitched roofs (slate, plain, Roman, delta, concrete) and flat mineral felt, membrane or fiberglass roof systems