Inverter Technology
There are currently 2 main types of Inverter technology:-

String Inverters (Single and Twin Trackers) control each string or line of panels. String Inverters can produce excellent yield results if you have a single or twin aspects roof plus you don’t have any significant shading from nearby trees, dormer windows, gable ends or neighbour buildings. Although String Inverters are usually located in the loft or garage and are therefore easy to access for inspection they can also be wall mounted externally as they are IP rated, making them very versatile, robust, easy to maintain and cost effective.

Micro Inverters and / or Optimisers have slightly different ways of achieving the same result that is to maximise the electricity generation if you have a multi aspect roof, areas of shading or you have to split panels into different areas on a roof area. They are effectively a small controller box that sits under each panel on the roof and controls each panel independently. That way if you have a significant shadow that creeps across the panels during the day and or year the “string of panels” is not adversely effected and your electricity production can be higher than the equivalent string inverter.
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