Installation - A step by step guide
Step 1
  • If you are interested in finding out more about a solar system and if it’s right for you, Eddie Marsh (one of the directors) will arrange to pop by and have an informal chat about how the system works, how the Feed In Tariff or “FIT” works (the money you receive for generating your own electricity) plus asses how many panels you can get on your roof and what size system you could consider.
  • You will then receive a written quotation with literature explaining how it all works, how much it all costs. Plus you will receive and a complete breakdown of all the system parts and an estimated annual production projection and therefore how much FIT payment you could receive from your electricity company.
Step 2
  • If you then decide to go ahead with Nova Renewables, we will arrange a detailed survey of your property and start to plan around you and when it will be most convenient to schedule the installation.
Step 3
  • Our Fully trained and qualified installers will then commence the installation process. Install the panels on the roof, install the Inverter in the loft or garage and then connect and commission the equipment, fully test and finally certify the installation with complete MCS and BS7671 certification.
  • Our trained staff will also make sure that all packaging, install materials & any waste produced during the installation process is completely removed and then the site is fully cleaned to your complete satisfaction before they leave your home.
Step 4
  • After the installation is completed we will also help you complete all of the forms required for you to benefit from the Feed In Tariff and answer any questions you have.
Step 5
  • 2 weeks after the installation is complete you will receive a final courtesy telephone call to check you are completely happy with Nova Renewables and answer any remaining questions that you may still have.
  • All you then have to do is sit back and enjoy a payment from your Electricity Company every Quarter for the next 20 years, Index linked and Tax free!
Additional Information