How Solar PV Works
"The Earth receives more energy from the Sun in one hour than the whole world uses in a year, equivalent to burning 15 billion tons of oil per hour"

Solar PV (Photo Voltaic) means electricity from the Sun.
Modern Solar PV panels are extremely efficient at converting daylight into electricity that can be used around the house or in the business. Solar PV Panels can produce electricity in the UK all year round, especially in the South of England that receives the highest amount of Sunlight in the UK.

  1. Solar panels are installed onto your roof.
  2. The solar panels convert sunlight to DC electricity.
  3. An Inverter converts DC to AC (household electricity) for you to use in your home or business.
  4. PV meter, records you how much electricity you are producing.
  5. When more electricity is produced than you use it is automatically exported back to the national grid.
  6. Monitor display shows how much electricity you are producing and the best time for you to use it.