The Feed In Tariff or FIT explained
  1. The government currently pays you 15.7p per unit for ALL of the electricity your panels produce via the Feed in Tariff or FIT. This payment is guaranteed for 20 years, Index linked and Tax Free!
  2. You can use none, some, most or all of this Free electricity you produce in your home or business depending on your usage for things like, washing machines, dishwashers, TV's, computers, games consoles, charging MP3 players, mobile phones, literally any electrical device!
  3. Your energy company also pays you for the electricity you don't use (currently estimated @ 50% of the total you produce)
  4. Whilst you are using your own Free electricity you don't need to buy this from your energy company. (If you produce more than you use it goes back to the national grid but if you use more than you produce you top up from the grid at your normal price)
  5. This means that you get paid via the FIT for ALL of the electricity you produce. You also get paid by your energy company for 50% of ALL the electricity you produce and save money by reducing the amount you buy from your energy company (by an estimated 50% for an installation in the South East of England)
A typical 4.0kw solar Installation (16x 250w panels) generates on average 3286* units per year pays you 15.7p per unit = £515.90 pa
Your utility company will pay you for 50% of the electricity that you generate @ 4.77p per unit = £78.37 pa
If you use 50% of this electricity you will save 1643 units per year at average cost of 15p per unit = £246.45

Total savings year one = £515.90 + £246.45 + £78.37 = £840.72
Annual Estimated Returns on Solar Investment
Figures above based on 2% overall inflation plus 5% fuel inflation rate. Figures quoted cannot be guaranteed due to changeable weather & solar conditions throughout the year but are based upon an average solar radiation calculation for the SE area of England *using an estimate based on the governments STD assessment calculation