As Nova Renewables are fully MCS accredited we have lots of experience with semi commercial
(4 -10kw) systems, then all the way up to large commercial systems (10 – 250kw)

Whether you have a factory, warehouse or barn roof Nova can design and consult with your company to give you a free initial feasibility report to decide if solar PV is right for your organisation.

If feasible Nova can take the project into design & pricing, then onto Network DNO approval (G59/3) and finally onto installation, commissioning and DNO witness testing if required.

Nova were selected and have recently completed a 50kW / 200 panel system for Airtrace Sheet Metal Ltd’s brand new purpose built factory in Eastbourne. This 50kW system provides electricity into the factory all day, every day. Greatly reducing Airtrace’s electricity bill each quarter plus providing a guaranteed income through the 20 year, tax free, index linked FIT scheme from the Government.

Most commercial systems expect to see a payback period of under 5 years, leaving the 15 remaining years of the Feed In Tariff (FIT) contributing to the company’s bottom line, greatly reducing the company’s electricity bill and carbon footprint for many years in to the future.

Nova can easily provide a commercial finance package, so the cost can easily be spread over a fixed term, making the installation of a solar system a “zero” capital investment with a 20 year guaranteed income. A great business asset to have on your balance sheet!
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