About Us
Nova Renewables are based in Eastbourne East Sussex and provide high quality, low cost renewable energy solutions to local customers.

By concentrating on the local area we can reduce our travelling and fuel costs plus reduce our own carbon footprint in the process. At the same time providing 1st class customer service and after sales care. This means our customers get the best value solar installations and back up in the area, it really is that easy with Nova Renewables.

Nova Renewables partners have 20+ years of experience in the production of renewable energy and high quality, certified and accredited electrical installations. As keen sailors for the past 30 years we have extensive knowledge of marine energy production incorporating small scale wind turbine generators, marine solar applications and various stand alone charging systems.

The fuel we use, everyday..
  • Fossil fuels are running out
  • Burning them produces vast amounts of C02 and increases global warming
  • The modern world consumes more & more energy on a daily basis
  • Future energy production cannot rely on one single source

Not only is the Sun the star at the centre of our solar system, it provides virtually unlimited free energy and therefore life to the whole world.

Technology has allowed us to harness this free power and convert it into electricity, the lifeblood of the modern world and that is why the power of the Sun is at the heart of Nova renewables.

Nova renewables specialise in solar PV installations, basically electricity from the sun's energy using the very latest in Solar PV panel and inverter technology.